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Knife Talk

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Knifemakers Craig Lockwood, Geoff Feder and Mareko Maumasi answer listener questions and have fun every week. New shows every Monday morning.

Geoff Feder hosts this one man show where he discusses the trials and tribulations of a maker.


Aaron Gough & Craig Lockwood host the show all about CNC machines. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional machinist, this show is for anybody with an interest in CNC machines.

Chris Zeppieri, Paul Pinto and Derek from Malden talk shop. A must listen if you are into fabricating, blacksmithing and making cool things.

Brothers Dustin and Devon O’Hara discuss all things “Maker” and how to start your next, first project. Shoptalk, tips and YouTube videos.

Brian House hosts the show all about making it happen, making things for a living and general workshop chat.

Join Kensea for a weekly show where he highlights young makers and talks about being a maker from a young persons perspective.

Project Build Stuff, The Wood Pastor, and Cunningham Woodworks talk woodworking, life, and general nonsense.

Restaurant veterans talk about their experiences and try to shed a little light on the realities of The Industry.

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