Adam Gray: Custom Knife Maker and Owner of AA Forge

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This week the guys are joined by custom knife maker and owner of AA Forge, Adam Gray. They talk about knifemaking, their love for craftsmanship, inspiration coming from many places, and the fun of growing up with siblings.

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You can find Adam, and AA Forge on Instagram, and through his website here…




Kaiman Wong’s camera and gear review videos on YouTube


Wayne Goddard’s book, “$50 Knife Shop”

Knife maker Ben Orford of Craft Lab Knives.



Knife maker Jason Knight’s new YouTube video series, “Junkyard Knife”

Devon O'Hara
Hosted by

Devon works in video production for the NFL and MLB. Co-creator of The Art of Craftsmanship YouTube channel.

Dustin O'Hara
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Dustin is an Art & Design teacher in Baltimore and The Art of Craftsmanship co-creator. Hobby knife maker, wood wooker, tool collector and general DIY'er.

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