Aaron Gough

Show HostAaron Gough

Aaron is a professional knife maker based in Toronto, Canada.

Explosions and Tiny Lathes

Aaron & Craig talk about things going bang and the death of Craigs laser. Aaron also gets a lathe and has an idea for yet another machine. Ballscrew Source: “Service Quality After Sales Store” on AliExpress. $85 USD for 450mm long 1605 ballscrew...

Ball Screws & Lube

Craig sings the praises of Mach3 and his 'shitty little CNC' whilst Aaron spends 3 days cleaning his shop. The benefits of ball screws, proper lubrication and much more are discussed.

Cheap CNC’s & 3d Printed Meat

Craig & Aaron talk about the Toyota way, perceptions of Chinese manufacturing and 3D printed meat. 3D printed steak: The toyota way: Carbon Capture Xprize: Craig's Shitty CNC: First working 3D Printed Sheath: Mach 3 Screenset from Physics Anonymous:...

Mould Making and Unlimited Budgets

Aaron and Craig talk about what they have been up to this week and the importance of making to time to play and experiment. The guys also answer some listener questions and dream of having unlimited budgets.

DIY CNC Conversions & Affordable Machines

Craig & Aaron answer listener questions and talk about various affordable options for newcomers to CNC milling. Boston Dynamics dance video: The tools Arraon uses for hard milling from Maritool: My feeds and speeds for the above tool cutting 63HRC...

The Dark Side of Tech

Aaron & Craig chat about emerging technology that will power the next generation of CNC machines and go down a rabbit hole about the consequences of free software and services.

Speed, Material and Die Hard

Craig and Aaron answer some listener questions about feeds rates and cutting speeds. Aaron gives the pros & cons to various cutting tool materials and the guys talk about the differences between CNC routers and mills.