Craig Lockwood

Show HostCraig Lockwood

Knifemaker at Chop Knives making custom cutlery for chefs & restaurants, also a big fan of tech and audio. Host of Knife Talk and the Podcasters Podcast.

Friday Nights & Listener Gripes

Craig, Mareko & Geoff take on your listener questions, drop some hot takes and discuss what they have been up to this week.

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Hot Takes & Forging on a Budget

Craig, Mareko & Geoff discuss how you can start making knives with a $200 budget as well as lots of user questions.

Lubel Knives has created a great guide to Brexit and shipping into the U.K here:

Ball Screws & Lube

Craig sings the praises of Mach3 and his 'shitty little CNC' whilst Aaron spends 3 days cleaning his shop. The benefits of ball screws, proper lubrication and much more are discussed.

Cheap CNC’s & 3d Printed Meat

Craig & Aaron talk about the Toyota way, perceptions of Chinese manufacturing and 3D printed meat. 3D printed steak: The toyota way: Carbon Capture Xprize: Craig's Shitty CNC: First working 3D Printed Sheath: Mach 3 Screenset from Physics Anonymous:...

Portabands and Gravy

The guys talk about heat treating stainless, the benefits of portabands and answer lots of listener questions. They also make predictions on some big Rugby and Football games. Get $75 of any Evenheat kiln AND free delivery by with Soul Ceramics by...

Mould Making and Unlimited Budgets

Aaron and Craig talk about what they have been up to this week and the importance of making to time to play and experiment. The guys also answer some listener questions and dream of having unlimited budgets.


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