Geoff Feder

Show HostGeoff Feder

NY Sculptor, Blacksmith & owner of Feder Knives - A custom knife company.

I Gained An Extra 4 Inches

Craig, Mareko and Geoff discuss techniques using corby bolts, talk about their latest tool in the shop and answer questions from our listeners. Geoff also throws in a quiz, just for good measure. The community showcase for this week is the excellent...

The Jessie Uyeda story

Jessie Uyeda (@ijessup on instagram) Is a Maker, Youtuber and glorious sponge of learning. Geoff and Jessie dive into her past in the service industry and how it shaped the person she is now. We discover exactly why she and her 3 siblings are so...

Genghis John and his Spiritual Journey

John and Geoff traipse though an Indian village with boneless armed men, Geoff talked to his kid about the dangers of drug use by telling a fun drug story. And they answer your dilemmas and questions! John Erianne is an incredible sculptor...

Dilemma Time with Jamie Montgomery

Jamie Montgomery (@fieldesk on instagram) is Geoff's College room mate, best man and champion of art, design and style. The guys catch up and discuss everything from body sounds, relationships & complimentary Urologists. At the end is a terrifying...

8 Buffing Wheels

In a packed 2 hour show, Craig, Geoff and Mareko discuss oil temps, buffing kydex and marvel at how many buffing wheels Geoff has. Throw in a little political chat and we have a show.


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