Jeremy Goertz

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Jeremy hosts the popular Simple Little Life channel on YouTube from his homestead in Alberta.

Back To School

How has the return to school been for your family? I am amazed at the confusion we have experienced this year. It's crazy.

My recommendation this week is a YouTube channel called The Outdoor Boys:

Demanding Freedom

In this episode I share a story about how I thought I could force my ideas on someone else. Hypocritically thinking that my freedom meant robbing someone else of their own. A good lesson learned for these times of contention we are living in. Also...

American Wastelander

In this episode I have a conversation with a talented blade smith James Fleming. James does both stock removal as well as forged blades. His work is incredible and has a beautiful traditional aesthetic. Check out James' instagram: Check out James'...

A chat with Bob Rankin

Bob Rankin is a very talented knife maker and maker of damascus steel. While he doesn't really consider himself a blacksmith, his curiousity for forge welding led him to build his own forge and forging press. I first met Bob via one of my viewer's...

Form Vs Function

When some makers start out, they worry more about how what they're making looks and less about how it actually functions. Some do the complete opposite. As we progress in our skills, the goal would be to bring those two ideas closer to each other...


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