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Paul Pinto is a maker from Connecticut who specialising in woodworking, metal fabrication, blacksmithing and much more.

Like A Veal

In this weeks episode we talk about Pauls Moto-GP career, Dereks thoughts on fleeing Massachusetts, and Zeps 5 milling machines.

What we are watchng:

Jay Lenos Garage -

Brody Junge -

My Mechanics -

Veritasium - Roundest Object -

Did you have the spandex pants?

Paul bought a motorcycle, Dereks creating a dust vortex and Zep bought a broken Bridgeport....

What we are watching:

Maxwell Hazan Hand Built Motorcycles:

Pask Makes Machinist Chair:

Anthony Panza Ramp Video:

We Need More Bears

In this weeks episode we talk giant skateboards, 3D Carving, and pyramid schemes.

What we are watching:

David Parkers Newspaper Canoe:

David Blaine On Joe Rogan:

I Should Be In The X Games

In this episode we talk about Pauls giant steel rack, Dereks domino addiction, and Zeps hardness tester collection. What we are watching: Smarter Ever Day: Michael Alm: Jody, Welding Tips and Tricks: Follow us on Instagram: www.instagram...

Amish Barn Repo

In this weeks episode we talk about some new tools we picked up this past week, Pauls newest adventure, and Dereks silver sign. We also discuss vans, barns, and flower pots.


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