Conspiracy theories, Propaganda, and iPads

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Does thinking for yourself and questioning what we’re told to believe make you a conspiracy theorist? Also, we’ll talk some tools. 

I have been really busy working in the shop and the Christmas rush is in full force. I haven’t had much time for anything other than work but I have been having a great sense of satisfaction and contentedness lately. I have really been enjoying my work, and my tools.

Here is an article about the Canadian government setting up a new organization to use propaganda and other techniques to influence Canadians:

Here is the article where they lied and said there were wolfs at large and that people should not leave their homes:

This is some scary stuff and I think that the best way to combat this is simply to share this information so it does not go un-noticed. The governments of the world would love nothing more than having a completely ignorant citizen base that doesn’t think for themselves and hold people in power accountable.

Jeremy Goertz
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Jeremy hosts the popular Simple Little Life channel on YouTube from his homestead in Alberta.

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