Razzle, Rubbing & Kenny Rogers

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The guys discuss matt finishes, the perfect workshop and play a little music quiz. All good fun.

Craig Lockwood
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Knifemaker at Chop Knives making custom cutlery for chefs & restaurants, also a big fan of tech and audio. Host of Knife Talk and the Podcasters Podcast.

Geoff Feder
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NY Sculptor, Blacksmith & owner of Feder Knives - A custom knife company.

Mareko Maumasi
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Mareko Maumasi is a bladesmith and Damascus wizard from Olympia, WA

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  • I’m a little technologically challenged so it may be a stupid question. I listen to KTP on my drive to work so don’t listen to the whole thing at once. I can’t figure out how to skip to Sherri stopped the episode. Before it was simple but not now. Thanks for providing us dumbasses with content…

    • The player hasn’t changed. Rather than use the player on the website, it is far easier to use a podcast app to retrieve the new spikes when they become available to you. Most phones and computers have a pre-installed app for podcasts. Simply subscribe to your favourite shows and it will automatically download new episodes for you – the payers are generally much better too, allowing you to skip, listen a 2x speed and lots of other cool stuff. Crucially, they will remember where you are in the show so you can stop and come back to it later.

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