DIY CNC Conversions & Affordable Machines

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Aaron Gough
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Aaron is a professional knife maker based in Toronto, Canada.

Craig Lockwood
Hosted by

Knifemaker at Chop Knives making custom cutlery for chefs & restaurants, also a big fan of tech and audio. Host of Knife Talk and the Podcasters Podcast.

Craig & Aaron answer listener questions and talk about various affordable options for newcomers to CNC milling.

Boston Dynamics dance video:

The tools Arraon uses for hard milling from Maritool:

My feeds and speeds for the above tool cutting 63HRC A2 tool steel:

High feed roughing: 2500rpm, 72IPM, 0.123” steover, 0.0025” DOC, 0.005” stock to leave

Semi-finish pass: 4500rpm, 72ipm, 0.01” stepover, 0.001” stock to leave

Finish pass: 7500rpm, 72IPM, 0.003” stepover

An attempt at a steel cutting CNC for under $400:

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