Explosions and Tiny Lathes

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Aaron & Craig talk about things going bang and the death of Craigs laser. Aaron also gets a lathe and has an idea for yet another machine.

Ballscrew Source:

“Service Quality After Sales Store” on AliExpress. $85 USD for 450mm long 1605 ballscrew with thrust bearing and end bearing, plus an integrated NEMA24 motor mount and coupler!

Linear Rail Source:

SNWNYN Store on AliExpress: $90 USD for a pair of 25mm linear rails, 500mm long, with a pair of bearing blocks per rail.

Closed Loop Stepper Source:

StepperOnline ( $91 USD for 420 oz/in (3Nm) closed loop stepper system with motor, driver and cables. They have a serial dongle that you can use to monitor the drive in real-time with software they provide for free… You can command test moves through the software and watch speed and position error in a handy graph!

Aaron Gough
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Aaron is a professional knife maker based in Toronto, Canada.

Craig Lockwood
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Knifemaker at Chop Knives making custom cutlery for chefs & restaurants, also a big fan of tech and audio. Host of Knife Talk and the Podcasters Podcast.

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