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Jeremy Goertz
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Jeremy hosts the popular Simple Little Life channel on YouTube from his homestead in Alberta.

In this episode, I’ll share with you what I believe to be the most important thing to think about when you are trying to up your ability to take amazing photos. Obviously there is a lot that goes into a great photo. Whether you are talking about nature photography, fashion, wedding, portrait and even product photography; they all have this done well in the ones that stand out.

You can check out my website where I’ve uploaded a few examples of my own work along with the technical descriptors to how you how the technical settings affect the image. Please note: at the time this is published, my website is currently not available and undergoing contruction.

My recommendation this week is a YouTube channel called Foresty Forest. It’s an adventure channel where Foresty shares his hiking, biking and paddling trips, as well as a recipe in almost every episode, many of which are done in his crock pot powered by solar, so he has a hot satisfying meal ready for him after a day of adventuring. You can check that channel out here:

The lens I recommend can be found via these affiliate links;

For Canon:

For Nikon:

For Sony:

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