I Gained An Extra 4 Inches

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Craig Lockwood
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Knifemaker at Chop Knives making custom cutlery for chefs & restaurants, also a big fan of tech and audio. Host of Knife Talk and the Podcasters Podcast.

Geoff Feder
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NY Sculptor, Blacksmith & owner of Feder Knives - A custom knife company.

Mareko Maumasi
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Mareko Maumasi is a bladesmith and Damascus wizard from Olympia, WA

Craig, Mareko and Geoff discuss techniques using corby bolts, talk about their latest tool in the shop and answer questions from our listeners. Geoff also throws in a quiz, just for good measure.

The community showcase for this week is the excellent leowood_bladesmith – go check out his work and give him a follow.



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Episode 138