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Onur Caglar AKA “The Scarborough Ripper”, “Chopper”, “Little Evil” and of course @diesineveryfilm was a soldier, is a professional MMA fighter and has transitioned into a successful knife maker, Youtuber and family man. He is one of the most fun people to watch on social media especially his stories on Instagram. 

The physical consequences of not trusting techniques learned to prepare him for war and fighting in the cage were life threatening.  The unconscious ability to trust technique and soak it up has made him an extremely talented knife maker with no formal training; one of the many aspects that made Onur as successful as he is.. 

We covered his time serving in Afganistan, training with MMA Great Danny Michell at Asylum Vale Tudo and what its like being a professional Mixed Martial Artist. As a fighter he always faced taller opponents and moved forward dictating the pace of the fights. I really enjoyed watching all his fights and if you put “Onur Caglar MMA” in your search engine all the fights recorded will pop up. Here are the fights we talked about in this episode. 

The Nathan Roberts fight. (Standing Guillotine)

Nathan Roberts 2 (Warpigs walkout music)

Will Cairns fight (Fun fact: The worst joke ever said by a commentator)

Callum Gaghan fight (incredible win and show of respect)

The Kane Mousah fight (Onur took on less than 24 hours notice)

Danny Mitchel on Instagram:

Danny’s effective bathroom self defense lesson:

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