Pat Quinn: The Modern Day Blacksmith

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Pat Quinn is the Executive Director of The Center for Metal Arts in Johnstown PA. This in-depth interview is a journey of growth, where crucial lessons were learned at each stop and influenced Pat’s work as well his personal direction. I don’t remember an episode that was so complete in the story of a guest. The interesting thing it feels like just a rest stop in the development of one of the very few people who to me exemplifies the question I’ve had for years: “What is the role of the Modern Day Blacksmith”. We had a good time putting a timeline together of a shared history where our lives intersected coincidently. Pat will be back for sure. Give this a listen. 

Definitely go to CMA and take classes. Definitely support this institution that is the gold standard in blacksmithing education. If you want to learn, this is the cutting edge in foundational philosophy and innovative learning. 

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