Sean Porter: Tiny House Owner

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The guys are joined in this episode by Sean Porter. Sean is a YouTube content creator, Tiny House owner, and Maker, as well as a great father and husband.

They discuss his tiny house adventure, and what it was like being a guest on the reality show Tiny House Nation. They also go into starting a YouTube channel, what its like living and working in a small space, and the trials and tribulations of living in and moving a tiny house across the country.

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Dustin O'Hara
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Dustin is an Art & Design teacher in Baltimore and The Art of Craftsmanship co-creator. Hobby knife maker, wood wooker, tool collector and general DIY'er.

Devon O'Hara
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Devon works in video production for the NFL and MLB. Co-creator of The Art of Craftsmanship YouTube channel.

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