The Return of the Downward Spiral Podcast with Niko Tavernise!

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Set Photographer to the Stars and my old podcast partner arrives to bring me to tears and set me straight!

Niko Tavernise is the Hollywood Set Photographer who has taken the still shots on films like: Joker, the John Wick movies, Spiderman 2, The Irishman, The Post, Moonrise K ingdom and Black Swan to name a few. Before his rocket ship career took off he and I had a dopey podcast about 10 years ago called “The Downward Spiral”, where we would show up to each others backyards with beer, talk about what’s going on and then investigate weird news stories on the internet. As the intro said “We start off strong, then its downhill all the way”.

This episode after a 5 year hiatus is the best DSP by a mile. Age has mellowed us and some of the stories we talked about brought me to tears of laughter. Niko is one of the most fascinating people I know and is one of my greatest friends. He has an open invite to “cast” as he used to say and I can’t wait till he comes back.

Go follow Niko on Instagram for one of the best pages with all the iconic pics you’ve already seen:

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