The Voyage of Salem Straub

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Arguably one of America’s best bladesmiths, Salem Straub of Promethian Knives, didn’t have it easy. The journey towards the man he is today came through personal growth during turbulent times where it was difficult to see a very positive future. Victory came though hard work, focus and the kindness of others. Salem is synonymous with forging very tight Damascus knives that feel flawless. Salem’s damascus patterns is evocative of what you see through a kaleidoscope and has the perfect repetitions of textiles. His use of forge welding a contrasting pattern along the belly of the blade, that borders the bottom of his “compound grind”, is a design decision that makes the “S Grind” not an after thought, but as integral to the knife as the blade cascading out of the bolster. The word ‘exquisite’ isn’t enough of a description for Salem’s work: he’s established a body of work that is unparalleled in the knife making community. 

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