The Wild Wild West of YouTube

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Stephen is working on lining up new jobs and clients.

Chris has 3 million videos about to drop all at once on YouTube.

Brad says its cold outside.

Stephen has a lot of opinions about YouTube and has no clue what he’s doing.

Chris is awkward and loves it but has a fun channel.

Brad has a very eclectic channel and likes long form video.

(if one person has questions, its likely others have the same one)

Stephen loves YouTube money, hates trolls, and there’s little carry over from Instagram to YouTube.

Brad says YouTube and instagram don’t correlate, and loves the sharing nature of YouTube.

Chris likes taking good shots of projects and says instagram is a game. Still has yet to find a YouTube style.

Brad is an expert landscaper.

Stephen wants everyone to watch the gator video.

Chris has a beautiful face.

Chris is liking “The Daily Woo”

Brad is liking “Stuff Made Here”

Stephen is liking “Exploring Alternatives”

Stephen Michutka
Hosted by

Stephen runs his own woodworking business The Wood Pastor in the heart of Texas.

Chris Cunningham
Hosted by

Hobby woodworker who creates content. Build things for friends and family at his discretion.

Brad Allred
Hosted by

Brad a high school teacher by day and maker by night loves making, teaching and learning!

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Episode 4