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Stephen is invested in his emergency fund. 

Chris got a coffee cup and wants pants.

Brad got coal and isotunes.

Air pods need to fit in ears better.

Chris uploaded a new video to YouTube.

Brad got a new jointer from Wahuda. 

Stephen has a few things lined up and a slab to finish.

Outfeed table or cabinets first??

How much math do you use in the shop?? Brad didn’t let me answer.

Chris Salamone for easy math video.

Shirtless woodworking talks.

San Diego and Hawaii are perfect for year round woodworking.


Stephen watches nothing

Chris is in love with Jason Hibbs and wants the world to know (again)

Stephen Michutka
Hosted by

Stephen runs his own woodworking business The Wood Pastor in the heart of Texas.

Chris Cunningham
Hosted by

Hobby woodworker who creates content. Build things for friends and family at his discretion.

Brad Allred
Hosted by

Brad a high school teacher by day and maker by night loves making, teaching and learning!

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